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How to Save Money in an Uncontested Divorce

We would like to help you save money by helping you with your UNCONTESTED DIVORCE. We are currently offering a 25% discount off our normal rates for an UNCONTESTED DIVORCE.  An UNCONTESTED DIVORCE is a divorce in which the husband and wife have discussed all the issues that need to be resolved and agreed how to resolve them and agreed to participate in the process. Since an UNCONTESTED DIVORCE involves significantly less attorney time than a contested case, we can represent you in and UNCONTESTED DIVORCE for a drastically reduced fee. Currently, we offering these ridiculously low fees for an UNCONTESTED DIVORCE only in Tulsa County* and only when DHS will not have to approve your child support orders and there are no issues requiring a Qualified Domestic Relations Order (“QDRO”) or similar Order. A QDRO is an order that is used to divide certain types of retirement plans or deferred compensation such as pensions, profit sharing plans, 401k’s, military pensions and the like.

If you have an UNCONTESTED DIVORCE with no minor children involved and no QDRO involved, we can represent you in your UNCONTESTED DIVORCE for a fee of a mere $600.00 (25% off $800.00) plus the court filing fee of $262.14.**

If you have an UNCONTESTED DIVORCE with minor children involved, and no QDRO or governmental assistance involved, we can represent you in your UNCONTESTED DIVORCE for a fee of a mere $750.00 (25% off $1,000.00) plus the court filing fee of $262.14.**  Oklahoma Child Support Guidelines will be followed unless your agreement includes a deviation the court will approve. Generally that means a deviation to pay more child support, not less, unless there is a very clear explanation of how it is in the best interests of the children.

If you would like us to represent you in your UNCONTESTED DIVORCE, simply print and complete the questionnaire on this Web Site that applies to your situation (children or no children). When you have fully completed the questionnaire (use additional sheets of paper if needed for extra instructions, such as deviations to child support) call our office to schedule an appointment. We are sorry, but to get these exceptional rates we will not be able to assist you and your spouse in reaching the agreements needed to qualify as an UNCONTESTED DIVORCE#.  You must be able to complete the questionnaire, including any extra instructions you may have such as a child support deviation, without our assistance#.   At the first appointment we will review your information and collect the entire fee and costs. Should you and your spouse decide to change the terms after our first meeting, or should the Court reject any deviation from child support guidelines in your agreement, or should your divorce become contested at any point in time, or should you determine you need our advice and counsel, we may treat your case as an hourly fee case, and in that event our normal reasonable hourly rates shall then apply, and an additional Retainer may be required.  In the case of minor changes we may be able to provide a flat rate for the changes.#

Please note that we will only represent one party in a divorce, and we always recommend against “joint representation” due to the potential for conflicts of interest. Typically, we will represent the first party to contact us, and the other party will either need to get independent advice or proceed without counsel. However, the other spouse must be willing to accept the papers without having to be served, and be willing to sign all the papers once prepared.  The other spouse will be informed of their right to have their own attorney.

*If you have an UNCONTESTED DIVORCE in a different county or that requires a Qualified Domestic Relations Order, or you are receiving governmental assistance, we can still save you money with a flat fee. If you have a contested divorce, we will provide you with the effective, affordable representation and friendly personal service we are known for. Please contact our office now for more information

#  If you need advice and counsel to reach your agreement, we are more than happy to help you based on an hourly fee arrangement.  We can still save much money working towards an agreed resolution compared to fighting and litigating.

** Filing Fees are set by the Legislature and are subject to change.

Questionnaire for Uncontested Divorce with Children

Questionnaire for Uncontested Divorce Without Children


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